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metal tile / color stone metal tile small program
201919UTCpmFri, 05 Jul 2019 15:36:34 +0000340707201973103-0505pm19

The small program of our company has been fully opened. You can search for the keyword "metal tile", "brand metal tile" and "brand color " by using WeChat applet to search for keywords: metal tile, color stone metal tile, roof tile and other keywords. Stone metal tile ." 
The small program can understand our products faster and more directly, and can also consult through small programs. 
Metal tile small program QR code
Hangzhou Ruimoer New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal tiles. 

With the continuous development of China's economy, the demand for new building materials in China's construction industry is increasing. Ruimer Metal Tiles responds to the call of the state and advocates: high technology content, low resource utilization, low environmental compliance, and ecological virtuous cycle . 
In the short period of development of metal tiles in the Chinese market, it has gradually matured. However, in this stage of competition in the market, there have been many problems, which are manifested in the following: lack of professional knowledge points and lack of technical standards. Lack of understanding of basic material design life and lack of systematic metal roofing solutions. 
Hangzhou Ruimoer New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a one-stop manufacturer that solves all kinds of intractable diseases in roofing projects. 

Most buyers in the market tend not to understand the corresponding technical parameters, and blindly compare prices, leading to blind procurement, construction of many non-premium buildings, and adversely affect the national economy. To this end, our company collects and collects relevant preliminary information. The period includes: understanding of metal roofing, product design, quality, technical production requirements, difference between galvanized sheet and galvanized sheet, corrosion prevention principle of metal steel sheet, high The special properties of molecular materials, the weathering principle of color, the handling requirements of the installation node, the special requirements of the installation tools, and the technical requirements for mounting the fixtures . Put on the market, in order to help users' purchases. 
Rui Moer metal tile products: metal tile, colored stone metal tile, roof tile, copper tile, aluminum tile, sandblasted tile, colored stone tile, art tile, fish scale tile, tile
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contact us by phone: 13071878886 / 0571-85780615 Feng Manager 
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Address: 1272 Yongfu Building, No. 395, Shiqiao Road, Shixia District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Metal tile

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