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Company Profile
Roofing, wall engineering, building affairs. It is not only the face of the building, it expresses the owner's aesthetics, values ​​and living conditions, but also has the functions of waterproofing and heat insulation.
Rymor designs roofing structures and corresponding products that allow products and ideas to change the world. We are passionate about every tiny detail and never ignore its existence. Solve problems completely from the design stage and reduce customer troubles. Constantly learning, innovating and surpassing ourselves to meet new challenges brought about by change.
Rymor works with customers to develop solutions that lead them to new breakthroughs. What we have used everywhere is our decades of experience in metal roofing engineering and professional resources for metal products. No matter which region, which climate, which field, and which building type, Rymor starts from the big picture and starts small, always puts high demands on himself and provides users with the most optimized application solutions.
As a private enterprise, Rymor focuses on the long-term, both thinking and action. This idea drives us to continuously develop new and scientific design structures, and to develop new high-tech, low-capacity, sustainable development. product. Because we want our users to solve the problem fundamentally at one time, we must first make the most accurate design according to the actual situation of the customer (climate environment, building structure, appearance presentation style, cost), and then equip with the corresponding products, free of charge. Installation technical support, one-stop system to solve problems. Commonly beautify our daily lives and transform our world.
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Not all sheet metal is eligible to be a Rymor metal tile
2. Communicate with customers

Experienced designers and researchers work together with the research project.
At the moment we receive your call, we have professionals who continue to communicate with you. We would like to inform you of your on-site situation and actual needs, we will customize the solution according to your needs. In order to get more accurate information, we hope that you can provide us with relevant drawings and on-site photos. We will ensure that the information you provide is safe and will not be disclosed without permission.

3, improve the design

Experienced designers and researchers work with analytical projects

According to your actual demands, we will have a professional team to discuss several complete solutions for you, from the perspectives of safety, aesthetics, practicality and economy, so that you can have more comparisons. To make a satisfactory choice.

4, choose the structure

Experienced designers and researchers work with analytical projects

Roofing structures are often diverse, especially the lightweight roofs that are now advocated. The roof is versatile and the structure is naturally more flexible. In the existing roof structure, choose the right structure according to your needs.